*Please do not enter until your stylist invites you in. We are busy cleaning and changing our PPE ready for your appointment


*Only one client allowed in at any one time


*We are wearing visors to help protect ourselves and you. You are not required to wear a mask, but if you want to please bring it with you.


*Please use the hand sanitiser facilities provided upon entering


*No hugs for now


*No dogs


*Make sure you park in a car park that allows you enough time! If you are booked in for a cut and colour service it is unlikely that the bays on the side of the road will allow you enough time to park as these are often no longer than two hours. This is not long enough! Please consider a car park that you pay for as you leave or an RCP car park that you pay for on your phone.


*It is more important than ever that you arrive on time. If you are too early you will have to wait outside. If you are too late this may result in your appointment being cancelled or shortened to ensure the next client does not have to wait outside whilst we try and catch up as this is not fair on them. Please keep your phone on you, if there are any changes on the day we will call you.


*We have created a new layout and system upon entering. There will be a gowning up area at the front of the salon, this will have a hanger for your coat and an area to leave your personal belongings (Please refrain from bringing shopping in with you). It will also include a fresh new gown for you to put on that only you will wear during your appointment. There is safety chain across our doorway so that no one else can enter during your appointment.


*If you have -

a high temperature

a new persistent cough

loss of taste and/or smell

Please let us know ASAP and we can get your appointment changed



Please remember to bring your own drink, but no food at this time x


Our Covid-19 Procedures